Thursday, August 7, 2014

I was 'Worn'

I turned to the Christian radio channel for the first time here in Austin Tx. about a year ago today. I heard the words " I'm tired I'm worn my heart is heavy" I wondered what this song was. I remember exactly where I was I was bringing Carrie Covino to her swimming practice at 7am I pulled out my phone to find out who was singing this song. I found that it was Tenth Avenue South. I listed to the song over and over again to try and see how its possible that this could be so exactly how I was feeling. I sent the link to my sister Heidi Luekenga with nothing else. She sent me back a text that said "Oh my brother, is this how you feel? Things are going to be alright" It brought again tears to my eyes just to read this text from someone that I knew loved me.

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